Nike's Temple (nike2422) wrote,
Nike's Temple

Religious Freedom in Michigan's Public Schools

Have you heard the wonderful news? Today the state senate in the great state of Michigan passed a bill that would provide religious freedom in schools! That's right, now everyone is free to express their religious beliefs in many ways that we couldn't before, because of the big bad government enforcing separation of church and state!

I can't wait until Governor Snyder signs that bill and I can finally wear my silver pentagram to school with pride. It's allowed under the bill! My best friend is a Satanist and she has always wanted to wear her "Satan is my homeboy" t-shirt to school. Also, we can now meet before and after school in the same facilities that other groups and clubs have access. My friends and I are already planning our school Wiccan coven and hold meetings there too! We're going to hold next year's Samhain ritual, when we open the veils between the worlds so the dead can join us in the Cafeteria!

I'm sure schools are enthusiastically thinking about where the foot washing station will be in the bathrooms so Muslim students can perform ablutions before prayers, which they totally can do now in school thanks to the state legislature in Lansing. The Ásatrú student kindred will surely wish to hold blóts throughout the year. And as for that group of guys always playing Magic the Gathering? Well, they can finally come out of the Chaos Magick closet! Mandeep will be able to walk through the halls dressed according to Sikh teachings, the Seventh Day Adventists can have their vegetarian food options in the cafeteria, and we will finally be able to talk about Jefferson's nonsectarian bible.

Yep, things sure will be different in Michigan schools, thanks to our wonderful state legislature. I have to get busy with my homework now. For science class I am writing a persuasive paper on why it's important to only perform banishing magic during the waning moon!

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