Nike's Temple (nike2422) wrote,
Nike's Temple

Ode to my @Blackberry Gmail @googleapps.

Gmail used to have this great app for Blackberry that allowed you to read and send email without opening up the browser on your cell phone. I used it constantly on my Blackberry because although I love my Blackberry, it has a problem with the battery running out in a matter of hours whether I'm using the phone or not. This is a Blackberry thing, which instead of addressing the problem by putting a battery with a longer life in their phones blame their customers for not being conservation minded.

Two weeks ago the gmail app stopped working. It can't connect to the network anymore and that means it no longer updates with new email messages when I get them. Being a freelance writer who relies on my clients contacting me by email 90% of the time, this really sucks.

Sure, I can open the browser on my phone and access gmail that way, but that requires finding a strong enough wifi connection for the internet to work on my phone. I didn't have that issue with the gmail app. It worked wherever I could get a strong enough signal to make a call. Huge difference living in a national forest in northern Michigan. Wifi is terrible here and there are large sections of the region that are dead zones because who needs a cell phone when they're hiking in a forest full of animals like bears?

I know Google stopped supporting the gmail app in 2011, and boo on Google. Why would you stop supporting something that people liked? Was it because people liked it and not your crappy Google + that no one wants to use despite you doing everything possible to force people to use it? Still, it was a handy, useful little app I actually used every day, and I'm sad it's gone now.

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