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Does this mean I have to change parties?

I tried out this website today which asks you survey questions and based on your answers it informs you which political party you are most in tune with. I'm a card-carrying member of the Democratic Party, but I know I don't agree 100% with everything in the party platform. I doubt anyone could ever do that with any party.

Here is how I ranked:

Well, that is interesting. I ranked higher with the Green Party than I did the Democratic Party.

The Greens are a great party and as the survey results show, I agree with almost everything they have in their platform. They're strong on the environment and stopping corporations from dodging their responsibility to clean up their ecological messes. They also oppose the KXL Pipeline debacle.

The Democratic Party are also strong in the areas I consider important, and I only scored slightly lower with them. The 16% with the Republicans is mostly on the issue with Common Core. Democrats and Greens are for it, I am opposed to it, but not the reasons Republicans are against it. This is where surveys like this become less accurate. They only have room for so many questions, and pigeonhole you into one category or another based on a single answer. Common Core is the idea of having a national set of education standards. The problem is none of these standards are designed by educators, and don't follow any logical method for teaching. They put too much emphasis on standardized testing, and expect every student regardless of individual abilities to pass it.

Am I turning in my Democratic Party membership card for a Greens Party card? Probably not, but still, it was interesting to see I'm more aligned with them then the Democratic.
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