Nike's Temple (nike2422) wrote,
Nike's Temple

Rain, flooding, torrential rain, tornadoes but at least it's snowing again.

Finally, a few days warm enough to melt most of the snow. Still a few piles here and there, but until tonight we had bare ground. After the hard winter we're weeks behind on everything. Daffodils and tulips are just beginning to push out of the ground. No crocuses yet. I should be hunting morels by June, I think.

It's also very flooded here. Rambadt park in town is submerged by the Hersey River. People below Croton Dam are being evacuated, because the flooding is particularly bad this spring. You can sign up for sandbagging classes in Evart.

The five inches of rain we got over the weekend didn't help.

It's unfortunate this storm came through when it did, because we missed the lunar eclipse.

But for now there's snow on the ground. Until that melts.

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