Nike's Temple (nike2422) wrote,
Nike's Temple

Week 2 of flood warnings

So far this week in northern mitten land people had their power cut off in a couple of neighborhoods because of flooding problems. Warnings were extended again, people not heeding warnings were rescued. I'm surprised more bridges aren't closed, because the water levels in the rivers seriously threaten to over spill.

People living below Croton-Hardy Dam were evacuated last week. Wraco Lodge Dam failed in Clare County. Schools have emergency shelters set up for people who can't stay in their homes. We have been lucky that the rain we were threatened with this past week never materialized because the inches of rain we got last weekend on top of the melting snow was bad enough. They are forecasting rain for tomorrow. Much warmer temperatures should finish off the remaining piles of snow we have, and add to the flooding.

There's an old farmer's saying that if it rains on Easter Sunday, it will rain the next seven Sundays in a row.

Please, no ...

Saw some of the tornado damage from last weekend's storm. Lots of trees down and the Meijer sign in Big Rapids had been completely ripped off the pole.

Happy Spring.

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