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None of your damn business why I didn't buy

Recently LinkedIn offered a free trial upgrade. I usually ignore these offers because the idea of paying for something I can use for free never made sense to me. This time I looked over the list of added features and thought, “Okay, provided they don't require me to give them my credit card info I'll give it a try for a month.”

I made my selection, clicked this, okay, clicked that … and then the page asking for my credit card number came up. “Nice try,” I chuckled and closed the tab on my browser. I forgot about it until I received an email from LinkedIn, and not during the usual time of day when they spam my inbox.

This is what I found:

From: LinkedIn
Subject: What kept you from giving LinkedIn Premium a try?

Kelly, we’re curious: what kept you from giving LinkedIn Premium a try?

We noticed that you recently started to sign up for a LinkedIn Premium trial, but didn't finish up.

We'd love to understand why so we can make the experience better for you in the future. If you've got a second, please select one of the options below to describe your experience.

I had no idea if this is something new or this is the first time I'm seeing it because this is the first time I bothered with checking out the premium service. I let it pass, until today, when I received this email:

From: Online Shopping Website
Subject: Tell Us Why & Receive a Special Offer!

Tell us why you didn't buy and receive a special offer! CLICK HERE

Now I know this is something new, because this website belongs to a clothing store I have shopped at for years before they were online and sent out mailers. This makes me particularly annoyed because I've never created an account with the website, I always check out as a guest.

Online shopping is a wonderful convenience, but I'm considering going back to using the catalogs they still mail me because I'm not happy at all they're tracking what pages I click and whether I ordered anything from them or not. They don't need to know if I was interested in the damn sweater until after I fill out the form and click COMPLETE ORDER.

None of your damn business why I didn't buy.
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