Heard enough of this yet?

My backyard has two feet of snow, that's proof global warming is bullshit!

It's been a while since we've seen any rain, so that means rain doesn't exist, right?

I won't bother to ask you what happens to the surrounding air when ice melts. Thinking's hard and stuff, and we Americans have a hard enough time thinking about the tides.

You see, once again in this land people who dare to remember there's this thing called science deserve to be burned at the stake. We should also never discuss the heresy of where the sun goes at night and why it never collides with the moon.

And if global warming is real, then so what? When the Dinosaurs lived it was warmer then it is now, and they did fine. I suppose it depends on when they believe the dinosaurs lived, millions of years ago, or six thousand.

And so what if it's warmer in Europe, that just means they can grow more potatoes in Ukraine, right?

Admittedly, maybe we didn't use easy enough words for more people to understand. How many people today ever step inside a greenhouse? America's agrarian days are fading fast. Instead of greenhouse effect, perhaps we should say "Snuggie™ effect?"

That crazy jet stream that let all that cold air come this far south? Hell, it's just drunk.

Or maybe, global warming is weakening our jet stream and that's what's causing the erratic, unusual weather we're experiencing yet again this year, and have been for years. Record warmth in Europe and snow in Egypt? It's strange and sad that so many people can see that happening and not wonder what's going on.


Enjoy the polar air, it's supposed to be forty degrees and foggy by the weekend.

Religious Freedom in Michigan's Public Schools

Have you heard the wonderful news? Today the state senate in the great state of Michigan passed a bill that would provide religious freedom in schools! That's right, now everyone is free to express their religious beliefs in many ways that we couldn't before, because of the big bad government enforcing separation of church and state!

I can't wait until Governor Snyder signs that bill and I can finally wear my silver pentagram to school with pride. It's allowed under the bill! My best friend is a Satanist and she has always wanted to wear her "Satan is my homeboy" t-shirt to school. Also, we can now meet before and after school in the same facilities that other groups and clubs have access. My friends and I are already planning our school Wiccan coven and hold meetings there too! We're going to hold next year's Samhain ritual, when we open the veils between the worlds so the dead can join us in the Cafeteria!

I'm sure schools are enthusiastically thinking about where the foot washing station will be in the bathrooms so Muslim students can perform ablutions before prayers, which they totally can do now in school thanks to the state legislature in Lansing. The Ásatrú student kindred will surely wish to hold blóts throughout the year. And as for that group of guys always playing Magic the Gathering? Well, they can finally come out of the Chaos Magick closet! Mandeep will be able to walk through the halls dressed according to Sikh teachings, the Seventh Day Adventists can have their vegetarian food options in the cafeteria, and we will finally be able to talk about Jefferson's nonsectarian bible.

Yep, things sure will be different in Michigan schools, thanks to our wonderful state legislature. I have to get busy with my homework now. For science class I am writing a persuasive paper on why it's important to only perform banishing magic during the waning moon!


The one person following my dreamwidth blog unfriended me here on Livejournal this week. He posted his Livejournal blog was closed, so maybe that's the reason. No clue if not.

I went through a period where I didn't feel like writing for physical and emotional reasons. The physical reasons included almost getting the tip of my finger cut off, and fighting off two colds. One of them may have been the flu because I caught it after the first cold and there was more coughing involved. Lots more coughing.

The finger is as healed as it's going to be, and I'm mostly done with coughing. Happily, my desire to write came back recently too. This is a good thing because writing is also how I make money.

School Breakfast and other @USDA Horror Stories

For some reason, a local middle school which will remain nameless to protect the innocent serves breakfast like other schools, but instead of students going to the cafeteria - you know, that large room next to the kitchen with tables and chairs that's designed for the purpose of eating - breakfast is brought in insulated zipper bags mounted on wheeled carts to the classrooms. What's going on in the cafeteria during breakfast? The room sits empty.

What does this mean for the teacher in the classroom? They're doing the job of the cafeteria staff and passing out breakfast to students first thing in the morning instead of preparing for their classes. Other problems that are now the teacher's to deal with instead of cafeteria staff are the containers and wrappers the food comes in (The cafeteria staff roll the large kitchen garbage cans into the hallways for this, I kid you not.) and what to do with the leftovers. This in my opinion is the worst part of all and will explain in more detail.

Because like every other school meal program in the country, this is subsidized by the USDA and therefore must follow USDA nutrition guidelines. The breakfast will always have milk, fruit or juice, WHOLE grains and sometimes protein. I say sometimes because the USDA changed that requirement in favor of reducing fat and increasing whole grains. The only milk allowed in schools anymore is fat free or 1% milk. This also goes for yogurt or string cheese that makes the protein component of the meal that school breakfasts sometime has. Yogurt takes up a huge amount of space in the dairy case of most grocery stores because Americans have been told it's good for you so eat up. Unfortunately, the calcium in yogurt passes right through you when you go pee, because your body also needs the fat that naturally occurred in the cream that the yogurt was made with to metabolize the calcium. Yep, when you eat low fat or fat free yogurt, you're eating junk food. This is included in school breakfasts now, chock full of the carrageenan, cornstarch and all the xanthan gum you can stand.

The school breakfast also comes with a hot item. This can be breakfast pizza, which is a thick biscuit crust covered with low fat turkey sausage and reduced fat cheese, a low fat colby cheese omelette, a low fat turkey patty and egg patty on a bagel, or hard boiled eggs. These items are pretty rare however, as the USDA now insists your children are better off eating less fat and more whole grains every day, and evil protein tends to come in foods no one has quite figured out how to comepletely defat yet.

In case you're wondering what a nutritious, USDA approved whole grain breakfast looks like, here are wrappers taken from actual food items served at this local school for breakfast.

Yep, whole grain mini pancakes. about four or five came in this pack and they were actual silver dollar size. These tasty mapley things even has the Pillsbury Dough Boy on the front smiling at your kids, enticing them to gobble down their whole grains like good boys and girls. He's so happy he's dancing. This is to show what your kids will be doing after they eat all the sugar in this bag. Click on the image and you will get to read the ingredients list.

The first thing I see when I look at this is the amount of sugar in these little brown starch discs. 14 grams! Yes, that is a lot, especially when you consider what else is on the menu for this breakfast - Milk and apple juice. The milk alone has another 14 grams of sugar and more useless calcium because there's no fat in the milk to help your body do anything with it. The apple juice provides another whopping 24 grams of sugar! How's that morning buzz coming along, kids?

Then there's the ingredients that went into this amazingly healthy pouch of pancakelets. Soybean oil, canola(rapeseed!) oil, corn syrup and ground whole corn to go with the first ingredient, wheat. Hey, does that mean Pillsbury gets to call this multigrain too?

In case that wasn't enough whole grains for your kids in one morning, in today's breakfast to go with the pancakes were these fish shaped graham crackers. Perhaps that's to lull the kids into thinking because it's in a fun fish shape, it's cool to eat it. The ingredients list boasts proudly there's no high fructose corn syrup, so instead they used sugar, fructose and maltodextrin instead. That last one is made from ... corn. There's also a good dose of partially hydrogenated soybean oil and soy lecithin.

Oh yes, they also add a whopping 19 grams of sugar to the tally above! If each student ate one of every item available on this USDA approved low fat whole grain breakfast menu, they will consume 71 grams of sugar. For breakfast. The daily recommended amount of sugar to consume all day is less than 40 grams.

Now, here is the part where it gets really alarming. Not every kid eats breakfast, but the breakfast in this school is free for all of the students, so the only food that stays in the bag and returned to the cafeteria is absent kids breakfasts. The rest of the food stays in the classroom, and creates more problems all day.

There is always leftover food because the kids look at what they're offered and walk away with disappointed looks on their faces. What happens next is the most infuriating thing of all: The extra "food" that is leftover is removed from the insulated zipper bag and piled in the classroom somewhere. All the teachers have mini fridges in their rooms to hold the extra milk and juice. Every hour, the kids come into the classroom and spend the beginning of class scrounging for leftover food. So much for bell ringer activities. So much for getting students on task. The kids spend all day eating sugary breakfast leftovers right until lunch, eat lunch, then come back from lunch and scrounge around for breakfast leftovers. This means every hour instead of students preparing their brains for working in your class, they're focused on snagging another carton of fat free milk and eating more fish-shaped whole grain biscuits. More sticky tables, more food and food wrappers end up littering the classroom and the kids are buzzing with more sugar in their bodies, which helps them focus on school work so well.

This is the most infuriating thing of all. Teachers in this school spend their entire day dealing with students eating breakfast every class period they teach.

The USDA pays out over one and a half billion dollars in one year to feed children in school. That's your tax dollars being spent on sugary, soy and corn infested crap.

But it's whole grains, so it's good for you!

The kids are eating all day because even after eating the first breakfast, they're still hungry. They go back for more of the same food, and you have students who spend day after day shoving this garbage into their faces and they're still hungry.

If anyone knows the secret to staying logged in when your ISP is Wild Blue Satellite

I would be eternally grateful.

I'm honestly fed up with satellite internet and their aggressive caching. Because of this, certain websites like LiveJournal I can't stay logged in. I can only log in from the main page, and too many clicks to other pages, like, oh 3 or 4 and I am logged out again, which means once again to the main LiveJournal home page to log in again.

LiveJournal is aware of the problem, but insist it's the ISP who must deal with it. The ISP has never heard of this problem and insist it must be something on my computer, it couldn't possibly be them.

In the meantime, I blog here less because clicking the post button after I'm done typing will probably result in me not being logged in again.

Here I go, wish me luck.

Ninja Edit: Oh hey look at that, VVV my crosspost from dreamwidth worked! Maybe I will blog from there from now on and crosspost over to LJ.